Entrepreneur High School

Students at Entrepreneur High School in Fontana gather for a photo after the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new campus on Feb. 7.

Entrepreneur High School held a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the completion of its brand new campus in Fontana on Feb. 7.

School administrators, joined by several students as well as political and business leaders in the community, gathered in front of the three-story building at 7775 Sierra Avenue for the long-awaited celebration.

The charter school, which has several hundred students in grades 9-12, is one of a group of schools under the umbrella of Real Journey Academies, led by CEO Alex Lucero.

“One of the many things that we teach our students is perseverance — to get back up every time you get knocked down. To face every challenge, knowing that what you are doing is right,” Lucero said during the ceremony. “At Real Journey Academies, we lead by example. We got knocked down a few times in the past years, but we got back up.”

The school supports the vision of young people who dream of owning their own business, according to the website. Students are given the opportunity to choose career training in a number of high-demand industries while following a college-prep curriculum. These industries include hospitality and culinary, design media and video, manufacturing and product development, and transportation operations and logistics.

“This is a school that has raised the bar,” said 11th-grade student Hailey Owens. “In order to pass a class here, we must submit two quality essays in each content area, including P.E. (yes, we write in P.E. class), we learn 25-30 new vocabulary words in each content area, and give a verbal presentation.

“And you know what? We have met the challenge. I am confident that tomorrow’s leaders of Fontana and San Bernardino County will be EHS Fontana graduates!”

For more information about the school, visit https://ehsf.realjourney.org or call (909) 200-7148.

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