Fontana Chamber of Commerce

The Fontana Chamber of Commerce and the City of Fontana are urging business owners to take a survey about what can be done to help restore the local economy.

Employers throughout Fontana are being urged to make their voices heard on what it will take to restore business vitality, bring back jobs and successfully navigate a post-pandemic economy by taking an online survey.

The City of Fontana and the Fontana Chamber of Commerce are planning to survey thousands of businesses on topics ranging from how the pandemic has impacted business operations and payroll to how the city can advocate on their behalf with federal, state and county governments.

“COVID-19 has crippled the economy and left businesses throughout our city gasping for air. We don’t have the luxury of time. We must work together, now, to end this threat, restore consumer and employee confidence, and bring our nation -- and our community -- back to where they need to be,” said Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren.

Phil Cothran, president of the Chamber, said the survey will help identify and target resources and services to help businesses recover from the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Among the questions: What are the biggest fundamental changes businesses see as a result of the pandemic, and what specific resources or services would help them the most?

“This is about helping our companies and putting Fontana back to work, but we’re also a regional economic hub and have an opportunity to play a leadership role in driving economic growth throughout the Inland Empire and beyond,” Cothran said.

The survey is available online at and takes less than 10 minutes to finish. Businesses are asked to complete it by Friday, May 29.

Results will be reported back to the community.

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