A Fontana businessman wanted to celebrate both Hispanic Heritage Month and Halloween in a very stylish way.

Garland Hayes, who describes himself as a "head tailor and master craftsman," created a special costume as a tribute to renowned singer Selena Quintanilla, who died tragically in 1995.

Because 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of Selena's passing, Hayes said he wanted "to pay homage to her still living on through her music and in culture. I've handmade two looks that are inspired by the 'Como La Flor' singer."

Through his business, IE Couture Man Sewing, Hayes brought a team of professionals together for a photo shoot in downtown Fontana.

"Our photo shoot was truly an amazing blessing. I worked so hard to create these couture looks and my team did an amazing job of capturing the essence of who Selena was," Hayes said.

Hayes praised his team members, who consisted of Kim Holmes (model), Shakira Tillman (makeup), Dasia Dormer (hair), and Ryan Groves (photography on behalf of othellomarxphotography).

It was a proud moment for Hayes, who got his first creative job working at Universal Studios Hollywood in the costume department in 2009.

"In the years that followed, I remained true to my desire to become a craftsman. I learned all that I could about the many different fabric types and sewing techniques," he said.

"While working at Joann’s from 2016-2018, I got the opportunity to teach and become a sewing instructor. I loved the spark of excitement and curiosity my students would get."

At the same time, he felt confident enough to start building his own client base, creating one-of-a-kind creations for special occasions.

"I got to hand-craft so many different special occasion garments using all my knowledge from the years before," he said.

One of those special occasions came in 2018, when he had a chance to work with a rodeo pageant contestant. "She won the pageant in my gown and became Miss Rodeo California," Hayes said.

For more information about Hayes, visit Facebook.com/coutureman.

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