Funtana Kids Club

The operators of Funtana Kids Club stand outside the facility during the grand opening event.

As the father of small children, Isaac Sun knows that they need and want a lot of play time — and that’s why he created a giant playhouse that all kids in the local area can enjoy.

Isaac Sun opened Funtana Kids Club in the northwestern area of the city with the goal of giving little ones (ages 0-7) a unique and fun play experience.

The indoor facility has a building blocks area, soft play climbing area, and ball pit pool, in addition to a party room if kids want to gather for a special event.

“Usually the parents come here, drop off their kids, and let them have a good time,” Sun said during the grand opening event last weekend. “It helps get the energy out of them.”

Funtana Kids Club’s goal is to create happy memories through children’s birthday parties, group events, and special activities focused on providing high-quality family time and education for the kids, according to the company’s website.

“We offer a clean, safe and fun environment for children to use their imagination, play at their own pace, and have fun,” the website said.

Sun, a military veteran, said he is thankful for the support he has received from the city in creating Funtana Kids Club, and he wants to be sure to give back to the community.

“It seems like people like the concept of the business,” said Sun, whose family lives here.

Funtana Kids Club is located at 14980 Summit Avenue, No. 210 (in the Kohl’s shopping center). For pricing and other information, call (909) 808-8155 or visit

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