Entrepreneur High School

Many students attended the Entrepreneur High School groundbreaking event.

Entrepreneur High School, a charter school in Fontana, has been operating at a temporary location at 16730 Arrow Boulevard.

But on Jan. 11, school staff members and students were delighted to attend a groundbreaking ceremony for the school’s brand new location at 7775 Sierra Avenue (on the corner of Miller Avenue). The new school building is scheduled to be open by this fall.

Entrepreneur High is part of a network of free K-12 charter schools in the Inland Empire under the umbrella of REAL Journey Academies (RJA).

Alex Lucero, the RJA chief executive officer, said that Entrepreneur High School wants to uniquely focus on teaching the skills that employers want, along with the knowledge necessary for success.

“The goal will be: By 12th grade, students will launch a business, have an internship, or continue their pathway to go on to higher education,” Lucero said at the groundbreaking event.

Entrepreneur High students are given the opportunity to choose career training in a number of high-demand industries while following a college-prep curriculum, the school said.

Students in grades 9-12 will be able to research the academic and professional areas that best suit their personalities and interests while determining how to apply those skills to meet the market trends and demands, the school said.

The event was attended by dozens of students in addition to political and community leaders.

For more information about the school, call (909) 888-8458.

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