Omnitrans implemented significant service changes on Sept. 8.

Omnitrans implemented significant service changes on Sept. 8, including new, realigned, and eliminated routes, a microtransit pilot project, and restoration of some service that was reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re pleased to welcome our customers back with enhanced cleaning and increased frequency on our most popular routes,” said Omnitrans CEO/General Manager Erin Rogers. “This service change implementation maximizes system efficiency to prepare our agency for future transit needs and financial sustainability.”

In all, 27 of the agency’s 32 current routes were scheduled for changes, including resumption of 20-minute service on Omnitrans’ core network, Routes 1, 3, 4, 14, 61, 66, the elimination of seven routes, and the introduction of four new routes to cover most of the impacted service areas. The new routes also will provide connections to the communities of Eastvale and the Ontario-East Metrolink station for the first time.

The agency also will introduce OmniRide microtransit service in Chino Hills and parts of Chino, which allows customers to make reservations on the OmniRide On-Demand mobile app and be picked up and delivered to specific locations in the service area on weekdays, much like Uber or Lyft service.

Detailed information on all service changes is available at

These service changes implement Omnitrans’ ConnectForward plan, which was introduced earlier this year at a series of 22 public meetings throughout the region. The plan was finalized following customer feedback and approved by the agency Board of Directors this summer.

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