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The Pizza Guys location in Fontana donated 500 pizzas to employees at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center.

With millions of people hunkering down at home and practicing social distancing, healthcare workers across the nation are fighting every day to provide the necessary care and treatment to those who have fallen ill during this pandemic. At the same time, businesses across the country are developing ways to give back and help out in their local communities.

Pizza Guys, a Sacramento-based pizza franchise concept, has been delivering free pizzas to hospitals since the very beginning of the current crisis.

On May 11, the Pizza Guys location in Fontana donated 500 pizzas to employees at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center.

“It has always been important to our brand to be involved in the communities we serve,” said Shahpour Nejad, CEO and co-founder of Pizza Guys. “During a time of crisis like we face right now, it is more important than ever that we show our support for the brave heroes who are on the front lines of this fight.”

This isn’t the first time Pizza Guys has shown its commitment to the local community. The brand has a long history of supporting public causes, from providing hundreds of free pizzas to fire evacuees, to donating to the American Cancer Society.

During the coronavirus crisis, the brand has passed out and delivered more than 12,300 pizzas at various hospitals.

“Hospital workers are showing up to fight for us every day, so it is our pleasure to be able to provide them with our pizza to help nourish them for their fight,” Nejad said. “We are incredibly proud to offer our support to these workers and look forward to our upcoming events.”

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