The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians has awarded a $4 million grant to Goodwill Southern California to provide job training and placement services in the Inland Empire.

The grant is a milestone for Goodwill Southern California as it is the largest ever made in the nonprofit’s 105-year history.

“San Manuel is all about giving a hand up,” said Ken Ramirez, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians chairman, in a news release. “The Inland Empire, where the San Manuel Reservation is located, was hit hard by unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are giving an additional $4 million to Goodwill Southern California to be able to provide services, whether it’s a career pathway or opportunities to rejoin the workforce as the economy recovers from the pandemic.”

This is the second major gift from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians to Goodwill Southern California. In 2017, the Tribe awarded a three-year grant of $3,380,000.

San Manuel is one of the top 10 private employers in the Inland Empire with more than 5,000 employees.

The grant will pay out over three years and will fund job training locally. Goodwill Southern California operates three Workforce and Career Development Centers in the Inland Empire, which provide career education, training, work experience and job placement services. The grant supports Goodwill Southern California’s century-old mission: “to transform lives through the power of work.”

“We are very grateful to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, whose generous investment in our community will support the work of our dedicated, passionate, and talented workforce development team in providing job counseling, training, placement and coaching for those in the Inland Empire with barriers to employment,” said Patrick McClenahan, president and CEO of Goodwill Southern California.

While the economy is starting to recover this spring, the need for workforce development is great. Pandemic-related layoffs disproportionately affected low-income and service sector workers whose jobs can’t be done from home. These affected workers – many of them people of color – will need job skills training to transition to new industries and occupations.

To raise awareness and support for its mission, Goodwill recently launched the “Do Good. Do Goodwill” campaign. Goodwill Southern California has established the Goodwill SoCal Jobs Accelerator Fund to expand its capacity to serve Southern California in this time of need.

To support Goodwill Southern California’s “Do Good. Do Goodwill” campaign, and the Jobs Accelerator Fund directly, visit or Text "JOBS" to (323) 443-1277.

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