Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar, a Fontana High School graduate, speaks at the Fontana Days Festival in 2013.  He gave a special video shout-out to the graduates of 2020.

The Fontana Unified School District's graduating seniors of 2020 have received some very memorable shout-outs from prominent celebrities -- including hometown hero Sammy Hagar.

Hagar, a world-famous rock star who is a graduate of Fontana High School, sent a video message to the seniors on Facebook, congratulating them for their accomplishments and encouraging them to go on to make a big difference in the world.

"I was asked by my local hometown high school to film a message to the Class of 2020. I would like to share it with all 2020 graduates across the country," Hagar said in an introduction to the video on June 11.

He praised the grads for persevering through the adversity caused by the coronavirus pandemic in recent months.

"It took strong will and personal determination to get it done," he said. "That's a big, big feather in your cap, and it will serve you well the rest of your life."

He told the grads that they are the future leaders.

"You can do a better job than us," he said. "I'm hoping so, I'm counting on you; you proved it by graduating in 2020.

"Hopefully, you can make good decisions and change some of the things that have been wrong for a long time. Don't be prejudiced, don't hate; let's fix the homeless problem in this country. There's no reason why people should be hungry in this country."

He urged the seniors to "take care of this planet" by cleaning the air, the water, and the earth.

"No violence, no wars, love each other," he said, and then concluded with: "Congratulations, I'm really happy for you for getting it done."

Hundreds of his fans commented on Facebook, thanking him for his positivity.

One commenter, Brett Muret, said: "Sammy, you should run for president."

----- ALSO recently, all of the FUSD graduates were praised by auto racing driver Kyle Busch, the defending NASCAR champion.

His words were particularly appropriate considering that the district's five comprehensive high schools held their commencement ceremonies at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.

"We all know this isn't quite the ending you guys envisioned, but as you close this chapter in your life, use this adversity to steel yourself to achieve more greatness in your future," Busch said in the Facebook video.

----- PREVIOUSLY, Kaiser High School's Class of 2020 enjoyed a message from Ice-T.

The well-known actor/musician said one of the Kaiser teachers asked him to make a video specifically for the students, and he was glad to comply. He told them not to be discouraged even though many of their senior activities were canceled.

"The main thing is that you guys graduated and the main thing is that the Kaiser Cats are No. 1. That's all you need to know," he said. "Go out there, those of you who are going to college, and those who are going to break off into the real world. Good luck!"

Another actor, Will Ferrell, made a video for the grads at Summit High School.

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