Vicki Golden

Champion freestyle motocross athlete Vicki Golden shattered a world record on July 7, smashing her motorcycle through 13 wooden walls of fire at San Bernardino International Airport.  She is pictured here prior to the event.

Champion freestyle motocross athlete Vicki Golden shattered a 12-year-old record on July 7, smashing her motorcycle through 13 wooden walls of fire -- the most ever in history.

Her fiery, high-stakes motorcycle stunt was the featured event in an ambitious night of daredevilry called “Evel Live 2" on the tarmac of San Bernardino International Airport, according to a news release by HISTORY.

Produced by HISTORY in conjunction with action-sports group Nitro Circus, the event was designed to showcase contemporary heirs of Evel Knievel, the history-making stunt cyclist and pop-culture sensation of the 1960s and ’70s. During the original “Evel Live” program one year ago in Las Vegas, motocross and X-sports legend Travis Pastrana bested two iconic Evel Knievel records in a single night.

This year’s program was originally slated to also include two massive stunts by 22-year-old freestyle motocross athlete Axell Hodges: first, jumping over 25 semi-trucks and then making the longest motorcycle jump in history, a distance longer than a football field. But Hodges crashed days earlier during a practice run, badly injuring both his ankles.

"With Axell getting hurt, it broke my heart," Golden said just before her event. "All the pressure is on me. I don’t think I like it … but I’ll work on getting the job done.”

Golden, a three-time X Games gold medalist and 2014 nominee for the Best Female Action Sports Athlete ESPY award, one of the top female riders alive today, proved she was up to the task.

For this stunt, Golden drove through 13 walls of fire, positioned along a 600-foot-long course, on her Indian FTR1200 S bike. Facing temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees -- and unpredictable winds -- Golden wore a custom suit featuring two layers of a fire-retardant material resistant to melting, dripping and burning.

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