Holly Sedillos

Soprano Holly Sedillos will be one of the featured performers during the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra’s virtual concert on Feb. 28.

The San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra presented its 92nd season opening concert, “E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One,” on Feb. 13, and persons who missed it will get a chance to see a repeat performance.

The Symphony announced that the virtual performance will be featured again on Sunday, Feb. 28 at 3 p.m.

​’The Symphony chose to entitle our concert after the official motto which appears on the seal of the United States, as well as all of our coins, as a parallel for how we are going to accomplish the daunting feat of uniting our orchestra at a time where they have to remain separated,” said Symphony Maestro Anthony Parnther.

The repertoire is an eclectic variety showcasing various sections of the orchestra.

The Symphony’s woodwind ensemble will perform John Williams’ “Nimbus 2000” from the “Harry Potter” movie soundtrack.

A brass quintet will perform Daniel Speer’s “Die Bankelsanglieder” and additional brass performers will take on Paul Dukas’ “Fanfare from La Peri.”

The harp will be featured in Debussy’s “Premiere Arabesque” and a harp and flute combo will perform Bach’s “Ave Maria.”

The strings ensemble will perform George Walker’s “Lyric for Strings.” Strings will combine with harpsichord for Handel’s “Tornami a vagheggiar” from “Alcina,” which will also include operatic soprano Holly Sedillos.​

COVID-safe dance will also be a part of the performance of “Ave Maria,” “Premiere Arabesque,” and “Die Bankelsanglieder” with original choreography by Jonathan Sharp. The dancers originate with the Idyllwild Dance Academy and include Brandon Binkly, Emiko Flanagan, Enoch Grubb, Alexa Kernan, Sofia Rochin, Charlotte Weymer, and Abbey Wyrrick.​

The concert will conclude with a patriotic flourish.

“And here’s where the concept comes most fully alive,” said Parnther. “Because of COVID-19 restrictions, we had to separate the sections of the orchestra in order to keep our musicians safe. But with the magic of technology, we will reunite our entire symphony for our grand finale in which, out of many musicians in different places recording at different times, we will have one amazing and uplifting performance of ‘America the Beautiful’.”

For tickets, visit www.sanbernardinosymphony.org or call the box office at (909) 381-5388. Box office hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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