After winning the Congressional Art Competition in the 35th District recently, Dalia Marin added another impressive artistic victory to her resume on April 7.

Marin, a student at Fontana A.B. Miller High School, earned Best of Show honors in the Fontana Unified School District's annual High School Art Show.

Marin received the top prize for her painting entitled "The Most Basic Butterfly is a Chaotic Tornado" during the awards ceremony, which was held in conjunction with the Fontana Art Association at the Koehler Gallery.

The winners in each individual category were:

----- Color media:

1st place, Madison Ramos, Summit High School; 2nd, Dalia Marin, Miller; 3rd, Andrea Florendo, Jurupa Hills; Honorable mention, Sonia Lee, Summit; Aylen Guape and Krisha Vallejos, Jurupa Hills; Beatriz Garcia, Gizel Perazza, and Gissel Barrios, Kaiser.

----- Painting:

1st, Jacob Gonzales, Kaiser; 2nd, Vanessa Lopez, Kaiser; 3rd, Jennifer Najar, Miller; Honorable mention, Maya Cardoza, Miller; Tommy Cox, Kaiser.

----- Black and white media:

1st, Alejandra Lopez, Kaiser; 2nd, Saul Lopez, Jurupa Hills; 3rd, Omar Almazan, Fontana; Honorable mention, Erica Camarena, Fontana; Christian Reed and Blanca Montoya, Miller.

----- Graphite:

1st, Destiny Cruz, Miller; 2nd, Vanessa Delgado, Kaiser; 3rd, Gizel Perazza, Kaiser; Honorable mention, Rosamaria Carrillo, Jurupa Hills; Marissa Lopez-Arroyo, Citrus; Faith Antillon, Fontana.

----- Photography:

1st, Alyssa Zavala, Fontana; 2nd, Nayely Gonzalez, Summit; 3rd, Vincent Guzman, Miller; Honorable mention, Ellisia Reed, Miller; Anthony Rios, Jurupa Hills; Pascual Banda and Luisa Limon, Fontana.

----- Digital imagery:

1st, Amber Hernandez, Miller; 2nd, Jose Diaz, Summit; 3rd, Nathalie Chavez, Fontana; Honorable mention, Ashley Maestas, Summit; Jasmine Delgado, Fontana.

----- 3D/Sculpture:

1st, Krisha Vallejos, Jurupa Hills; 2nd, Melissa Pinuelos, Kaiser; 3rd, Leslie Ramirez, Citrus; Honorable mention, Melissa Pinuelos, Kaiser; David Herrera and Rene' Leonel Lerma Garcia, Fontana.

----- Ceramics:

1st, Alondra Sandoval, Fontana; 2nd, Issac Renteria, Miller; 3rd, Stephany Rodas, Kaiser; Alexis Ruiz and Ashley Carlos, Miller.

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