Officer Abraham Valles has been named the Fontana Police Department's 2018 Officer of the Year.

Valles was selected for his outstanding productivity last year, which included providing CPR to an 18-year-old man, multiple arrests for firearms, drug seizures and identifying and arresting an armed robbery suspect, the Police Department said.

Valles was recently recognized by the International Footprint Association and also was honored during the 2019 City of Fontana Police, Fire, and FUSD Police Recognition Ceremony, which was held on April 30 at the Jessie Turner Center.

In addition, Michelle Blank was named the Fontana P.D.'s Senior Administrative Analyst of the Year and Candy Thomas was the Administrative Support Services Manager of the Year.

The Police, Fire, and FUSD Police Recognition Ceremony was coordinated by the Fontana Chamber of Commerce.

----- OTHER members of the Fontana Police Department who were honored during that event were:

• Persons who were promoted in 2018: Chief Billy Green, Captain Michael Dorsey, Captain James Burton, Lieutenant Brian Binks, Lieutenant Adam Clabaugh, Lieutenant Keith Zagorin, Sergeant Andrew Vestey, Sergeant David Janusz, Corporal Casey Kirkland, Corporal Thomas Moore, Corporal Marcia Pineda, Corporal Bradley Carlson, Community Policing Technician Kelsey Barak, Sr. Community Services Officer Jacqueline Ayala, Sr. Community Services Officer Adrianna Manning, Police Dispatch Shift Supervisor Cheri Parker, Dispatcher II Kristen Powers, Dispatcher II Laura Vicente, Dispatch Call Taker Angelica Padilla.

• CAL-ID Award: Cadet Dominique Anesseti, Officer Christopher Drayer.

• Life Saving Award: Officer Hector Quinones, Officer Abraham Valles, Officer Patrick Heusterberg, Officer Brandon Gossert, Officer Jennie Venzor.

• Excellence Award: Lieutenant Matt Kraut, Lieutenant Carlo Granillo, Lieutenant Keith Zagorin, Sergeant Darren Robbins, Sergeant Brian McLane, Sergeant Scott Snyder, Corporal Kyle Slusser, Sergeant David Janusz, Corporal Kathryn Clark, Corporal Jason Coillot, Corporal Mark Aranda, Corporal Edward Stewart, Corporal Brad Guith, Corporal Brandon Bowie, Corporal Kyle Guthrie, Corporal Bobby Miller, Corporal Jeremy Hale, Corporal Marcia Pineda, Corporal Rich Hunt, Corporal Bradley Carlson, Officer Heidi Kouroubacalis, Officer Vanessa Waggoner, Officer John Stacey, Officer Leonard Sein, Officer Shawn Michels, Field Evidence Tech Lisa Young, Field Evidence Tech Andrea Boone, Field Evidence Tech Aimee Gregory, Crime Analyst Matt Hopkins, Crime Analyst Carynn Terrill, Community Policing Technician Dora Fetzer, Secretary Alicia Lopez.

• Unit Citation Award: Sergeant Chris Tusant, Corporal Justin Laing, Officer Adam Davis, Officer Kevin Anderson, Officer Joshua Patty, Officer Taylor Hymas, Officer John Collopy, Officer Evan Fraser, Officer Andrew Hackett, Officer Domenico Ancona.

• Area Commander Award: Sergeant Daniel Delgado, Corporal Luis Valenzuela, Corporal Ron Vogelsang, Officer Mike Hall, Officer John Parsons, Officer Neil Bachman, Officer Daniel Anderson, Officer Garrett Gooselaw, Officer Matthew Sherwood.

• Volunteer of the Year: Glen Orrell.

• Explorer of the Year: Marisol Garcia.

• Chaplain of the Year: Gregory Peck.

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