Chaffey College

Cheerful Chaffey College representatives, adhering to social distancing guidelines, distributed laptops to students in need at the Fontana campus on March 25.

Chaffey College is loaning about 5,000 laptops to students in need as it transitions most classes online in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Chaffey distributed about 1,000 laptops in a drive-thru format at its Rancho Cucamonga campus on March 24 and at the Chino and Fontana campuses on March 25. Staff members expect to loan the remaining computers to students in the next few weeks.

“Our greatest concern is the health and safety of the campus community, and that is why we have decided to switch all classes online until further notice,” said Chaffey College President/Superintendent Henry Shannon. “We realize that not all of our students have access to the technology needed to successfully complete an online class, so we are adapting to these unprecedented circumstances by loaning them the tools they need to finish their classes.”

Chaffey College has had no confirmed cases of coronavirus as of March 24, and in advance of recent state and federal guidelines extended its spring break for students by one week to run March 16-27 to prepare for the transition to an all-online modality.

All classes will transition online beginning March 30. Faculty this week are receiving training to deliver courses remotely. Student support services, including admissions, financial aid and counseling, are also transitioning online.

The campus will remain closed to visitors until further notice and all events have been canceled through May 2.

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