The Fontana Police Department is commending code enforcement for actions that removed vagrants and felons who were illegally occupying two residential homes, according to a news release by Silver and Wright LLP.

On Dec. 6, the court granted the City of Fontana's request to place homes located in the 16500 block of Baseline Avenue and the 14300 block of Chesebro Court into receivership. The action capped a five-year battle to address health and safety risks posed by the homes and their residents, Silver and Wright LLP said.

“We had an absentee landlord operating two undeclared boarding homes for violent, mentally unstable felons directly across the street from an elementary school,” said Fontana Police Captain Billy Green. “Following numerous attempts with the property owner to bring the facility up to code, the situation came to a tipping point when one of the illegal tenants allegedly broke into a nearby home, attempted to rape a woman and then brutally and repeatedly stabbed her husband.”

Code enforcement action on the properties began in 2012 because of extremely hazardous conditions. The property owners ignored repeated citations and abatement orders from police and city code enforcement.

Enlisting the help of Silver and Wright LLP, the city filed for receivership. Through the receivership, the properties will be fully rehabilitated, and the city will be directly reimbursed from the court receiver for all costs and attorney’s fees invested in this action.

“I have no doubt that violent people would continue to be shuffled in and out of these residential homes if not for Silver and Wright,” said Green. “I am grateful for their service and am confident they have improved the quality of life in Fontana.”

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