San Bernardino Police Department

The San Bernardino Police Department reported that a woman has been arrested for allegedly looting a store on May 31.

A woman was arrested for allegedly looting at a store in San Bernardino during a night of unrest, according to the San Bernardino Police Department.

Joy’s Beauty Salon, located at 293 E Baseline Street, had internal video surveillance that captured a woman unlawfully inside the business and removing hair products during the civil unrest which occurred on May 31.

The San Bernardino Police District Crimes Unit began to investigate the looting that occurred at that business. Investigators reviewed the video surveillance and with additional investigative leads, were able to identify Keyairra Cloyd, a 28-year-old San Bernardino resident, as the same subject in the video.

On June 20, Vice Unit Investigators were able to locate Cloyd at her residence. Cloyd was interviewed and admitted to her involvement in the looting that took place at the salon, police said. Cloyd was subsequently booked at the local jail facility on a charge of looting during a state of emergency.

Cloyd is one of several persons who have been arrested for allegedly looting that night.

"The City of San Bernardino was severely impacted by the looting that occurred during the civil unrest, and our investigative teams are working tirelessly to solve as many cases as possible," the San Bernardino P.D. said in a news release. "If you have any additional information which can help solve these crimes, or you would like to speak with an investigator, contact Detective W. Porch at (909) 384-5640."

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