Edgar Beltran

Edgar Beltran, a special education teacher, was honored as the FUSD's 2019 Teacher of the Year during the School Board meeting on May 8.

Dorothy Grant Elementary School has been at the forefront of the Fontana Unified School District's push toward academic excellence for several years, so it was fitting that one of that school's educators received the district's top honor recently.

Edgar Beltran, a special education teacher, was lauded as the FUSD's 2019 Teacher of the Year during the School Board meeting on May 8.

"There are so many other teachers who deserve this award, and I am so thankful that the district decided to choose me," Beltran said.

Beltran, who is in his 10th year as a special education teacher, instructs students in grades 3-5 who have mild to moderate disabilities, and he enjoys his job immensely. "Every day I learn from these students," he said.

He is extremely pleased to be at Grant, which was recently renamed Dorothy Grant Innovations Academy because of the school's science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) academies.

"I like the leadership shown by our principal, Anne-Marie Cabrales," he said. "I love the ambience and the environment that she has built here."

Beltran has done his part to enhance the school's environment by creating a gardening club that meets during lunch time to bring the art of horticulture to the campus, said Joe Bremgartner, the district's associate superintendent of human resources.

"I hope to spread this idea to more schools in the district," Beltran said.

Beltran grew up and went to school in East Los Angeles. He attended Garfield High School and Roosevelt High School, followed by East Los Angeles College and finally California State University, where he earned his teaching credential and master's degree in special education.

----- THE FUSD ALSO announced all of the Site Teachers of the Year for 2019:


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