Entrepreneur High School

Students at Entrepreneur High School in Fontana look at a pamphlet providing information about the new school, which opened in August.

Some high school students are looking forward to joining the workforce, rather than going to college, right after they graduate.

These are the students who may be particularly interested in attending Entrepreneur High School, the newest school to open in Fontana.

The students at eHigh, as the charter school is known, are given the opportunity to choose career training in a number of high demand industries while following a college prep curriculum, according to the school’s website.

“Students research the academic and professional areas that best suit their personalities and interests, while determining how to apply those skills to meet the market trends and demands of Fontana and beyond. eHigh’s standards-based curriculum prepares students to earn a high school diploma while pursuing a career pathway of their choice,” the website said. “Students will graduate fully prepared to enter college, start a business, or enter the workforce.”

The school opened in August with 135 students in grades 9 and 10, and so far, everything is going well, said Principal Orlando Ramos.

The first quarter grades have just been given, and 96 percent of the students passed all of their classes, he said, adding that they must adhere to a high standard.

“In order to pass, they must turn in an ACT- or SAT-quality essay in every class, including PE,” Ramos said.

The students can focus on one of three pathways:

• product innovation and design;

• design, visual, and media arts;

• operations, transportation, and logistics.

Ramos said the goal is for the students to “be a boss,” which is the school’s motto.

“I like that it’s all student-led and student-based,” said student Hailey Owens.

Another student, Cielo Alonso, said she likes the curriculum because “it prepares us for our future.”

The future of the school itself looks bright as well, Ramos said, because a brand new campus is being built on the corner of Sierra and Miller avenues and is scheduled to open in August of 2022.

Right now, the school’s campus is located at 16730 Arrow Boulevard, and for students and their families interested in learning more about eHigh, there will be a free open house event on Saturday, Oct. 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students can tour the campus, enjoy free snacks and games, and have chances to win prizes.

For more information, visit BeABossFontana.org.

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