Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards, an educator at Etiwanda High School, was named one of the San Bernardino County Teachers of the Year.

Ryan Edwards, an educator at Etiwanda High School, was named one of the San Bernardino County Teachers of the Year.

Edwards was honored along with Lillianne Legra-Rodriguez (Central Language Academy), Christopher Rekstad (Valley Elementary School), and Jasmine Saunders (Elderberry Elementary School), according to a news release sent by the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools on Oct. 14.

“There are more than 19,000 teachers countywide, and while we appreciate all of them, our Teacher of the Year award recognizes those who have gone above and beyond,” said County Superintendent Ted Alejandre. “It is gratifying to honor and recognize the terrific educators throughout the county who embody excellence and dedication to our students.”

Edwards joined Etiwanda High School in 2014 after working in the private sector for 11 years. Since he had degrees in biology and environmental science and management, he decided to become a science teacher. He pursued a master of education with a preliminary single subject science credential.

While he was elected to leadership roles and contributed to his school campus in many ways, he said his greatest accomplishments are the relationships he has developed with his students. He aims to create a supportive classroom, and it starts with learning all of his students’ names within the first week.

“I want my students to be comfortable around me to the point that they are not afraid to make mistakes in front of me,” said Edwards. “If all students are to learn and be successful, they must recognize the environment I aim to provide is one of care and safety.”

Former student Maria Fernanda Izaguirre said, “Mr. Edwards was not only my teacher, but he was also, and still is, my role model and inspiration, Mr. Edwards is great at embracing his students’ strength and helping them develop their full potential and achieve excellence. I am grateful for the impact he has had on my educational journey.”

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