During her speech as a valedictorian at Fontana A.B. Miller High School, Maharani Lumban-Gaol encouraged her classmates to have a big impact on the world.

"Choose to live a life of purpose every morning," she said. "Use your individual gifts to make a positive difference."

Lumban-Gaol, who will be using her talents to study computer science and business administration at UC Berkeley in the fall, was applauded by the more than 550 members of the Class of 2015 at the commencement ceremony at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario on May 28.

Emily Tehrani, also a valedictorian at Miller, said the graduation event was a memorable experience, but it was only the beginning of a life-long journey.

"We will face new and more challenging obstacles in life, but we will overcome them," she said.

Tehrani will be attending UCLA and majoring in engineering.

The Miller salutatorian, Cesar Martinez, will also be heading to UCLA and will study neuroscience. He urged the seniors to go boldly into the future.

"Do not be afraid to take risks and explore the world," he said.

----- MILLER'S HONOR STUDENTS, listed in alphabetical order:

Perla Aguirre, Ricky Andrade, Stephanie Avenido, Dahyana Barraza, Raymond Benito-Hernandez, Vivian Cabrera, Yasari Carlos, Amy De Paz, Cynthia Diaz, Everardo Diaz, Mathew Figueroa Castro, Ricardo Gutierrez, Consuelo Hernandez, Faith Howard, Carolina Jaime, Veronica Lopez, Maharani Lumban-Gaol, Javier Madrigal, Cesar Martinez, Crystal Melendez, Valeria Mendez Calderon, Daniel Mendez, Karen Monjares Balcazar, Jocelyn Morfin-Magana, Jose Munoz Lopez, Erik Nelson, Vivian Nuno, Rodolfo Ochoa, Jasmine Olague, Julian Pineda Sotelo, Andrew Pineda, Andrea Ponce, Sara Ponce Silva, Danae Ramirez, Diana Ramirez, Gloria Rangel, Elizabeth Rubio, Monica Samaniego, Jennifer Sanchez, Roxanna Sevilla, Angel Soto, Emily Tehrani, Chyna Thomas, Jose Torres, Jennifer Valenzuela, Bianca Vega, Sade Wilcox, Gabriela Zuniga.

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