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People were excited about entering the Fontana Community Senior Center when it opened its doors for the first time in 2010.  The Senior Center has been a popular attraction ever since.

Ten years ago, the Fontana Community Senior Center opened in the downtown area, providing many opportunities for people ages 55 and over.

The Senior Center, located at 16710 Ceres Avenue, is always bustling with activities, including clubs, classes, excursions, special events, and sports.

However, even though the Senior Center is very popular, the city itself is not a place where a large number of seniors live.

Last year, a report by WalletHub analyzed 182 of the largest cities in the United States. Of those 182, Fontana had the lowest percentage of population aged 65 and older -- only 7.2 percent.

For many years, Fontana has had an extraordinarily high percentage of young people. The median age of Fontana residents is 29 years, compared to the state median age of 36, according to "Trends for Fontana's Future," a report prepared for the City Council in 2018.

When the U.S. Census is taken this year, Fontana is expected to be a place where young people remain the dominant demographic.

The WalletHub study, "Best and Worst Places to Retire," compared the retiree-friendliness of the 182 U.S. cities across 46 key metrics. The study's data set ranges from cost of living to retired taxpayer-friendliness to availability of recreational activities. Fontana ranked No. 166 on that list.

In addition, WalletHub said that Fontana had the fewest home health care facilities (1.93 per 100,000 residents) of any of the 182 cities studied.

But that doesn't mean that Fontana's elderly are being neglected, city leaders said.

In addition to the Fontana Community Senior Center, the George White Senior Center at 8565 Nuevo Avenue offers low-cost lunches and plenty of chances to build friendships.

Mayor Acquanetta Warren said that the Senior Center is one of several state-of-the-art facilities in the city.

"That center was so hugely successful that it became a challenge to accommodate the many seniors that were coming to use it from inside and outside of our community. We had to add parking and expand programming," Warren said in an interview with AARP.

All programs at the center are free with a valid Fontana Community Senior Center membership.

One of the newest programs is pickleball, a paddle sport which has gained in popularity in recent years.

For more information, call (909) 854-5151 or visit

The complete WalletHub report can be accessed at:

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