District election map

This is the map that the Fontana City Council approved in 2017 for the city's new district voting system for City Council members.  This November, voters in District 1 (in the northwestern part of the city) and District 4 (the southern part of Fontana) will cast their ballots for the candidates.

The City of Fontana has established a brand new district election system for choosing City Council members, and as is the case whenever changes are made, some confusion among voters is understandable.

For the first time ever, City Council members will be elected from geographically defined districts and not city-wide. Districts 1 and 4 will hold elections on Nov. 6, while Districts 2 and 3 will not hold elections until November of 2020.

At the same time, the seat of mayor, city clerk, and city treasurer will still be voted upon city-wide.

For specific information, voters can consult their official Voter Information Guide and Sample Ballot which has been mailed to their households by the San Bernardino County Elections Office of the Registrar of Voters.

----- DISTRICT 1 has boundaries that are generally in the northwestern area of the city, and these four candidates are vying for the seat:

• Shannon O'Brien, a nonprofit executive

• Phillip Cothran Jr., a Fontana business owner

• Jocelyn Aguirre, a student

• Lourdes (Ms. Lulu) I. Goni, a music director/teacher

Some voters have been confused about the identity of Cothran Jr., who is running for a city office for the first time. He is the son of Phil Cothran, who is a former member of the Fontana Planning Commission and is currently the president of the Fontana Chamber of Commerce.

----- DISTRICT 4 has boundaries that are in the southern area of Fontana, and these three candidates are vying for the seat:

• John B. Roberts, the incumbent Fontana City Council member

• Glenda A. Barillas, a business development director

• Patricia A. Gonzalez, a businesswoman/nurse/educator

In all of the city's previous elections, voters city-wide could cast ballots for City Council candidates. The City of Fontana adopted the new district system with an ordinance in September of 2017 as a way of responding to a threatened lawsuit.

Here are the candidates for the other offices that will be chosen by all Fontana voters this November:

----- MAYOR:

• Acquanetta Warren, the incumbent mayor

• Hafsa Sharafat, a student

• Mylinda Carrillo, an inventory control lead

• Lorena Corona, a governmental relations manager

• Jesus "Jesse" Sandoval, a Fontana City Council member

• Carlos Sandoval, a small businessman/realtor


• Tonia (Toni) Lewis, the incumbent Fontana city clerk

• Germaine McClellan Key, a retired division chief


Lydia Salazar-Wibert, a Fontana Unified School District liaison

Janet Koehler-Brooks, the incumbent Fontana city treasurer

For more information about the election, visit www.SBCountyElections.com or call (909) 387-8300.

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Get it right Fontana! Do your homework on these candidates for Mayor and City Council. In my opinion this guy Jesse Sandoval is not qualified in either role! College degree? Don't think so. Owned a business? Don't think so.High level management experience running a company? Don't think so. Poor record of home ownership (defaults and short sales) indicating he may not do very well handling his own finances. The city of Fontana deserves better than this guy in city council positions and in the all important role of Mayor in one of Southern California's more active cities. Don't settle for this sort of mediocrity in this city!

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