Fontana Police Department

The Fontana Police Department

With traditional in-person Halloween activities resuming this year, the Fontana Police Department encourages everyone on the road to be extra careful as more children are out walking the neighborhood and collecting candy.

As residents participate in Halloween and Día de los Muertos celebrations, the Fontana P.D. offers the following tips for families to be as safe as possible on Halloween night:

----- DRIVERS:

• Slow down and watch out for more foot traffic in residential neighborhoods.

• Take extra time looking for trick-or-treaters at intersections and entering/exiting driveways.

• Never drive distracted or impaired.


• Make sure costumes fit to prevent trips and falls.

• Decorate costumes and bags/buckets with reflective tape.

• Have kids use flashlights or glow sticks to make it easier for drivers to see them.

• Walk on sidewalks, when available. Avoid darting into the street or crossing between parked cars.

• Stick to familiar, well-lit routes.

• Look both ways before crossing the street. Make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them.

• If you are heading to a local bar, restaurant or house party and plan to drink, bring the designated sober driver with you, use a ride-hailing service, or stay the night.

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