Fontana Police Department

The Fontana Police Department

A new system of gathering and providing information about crime will be implemented by the Fontana Police Department and is expected to benefit the community as well as police.

In 2016, the Criminal Justice Information Services Division Advisory Policy Board approved the move from the traditional Summary Reporting System and replace it with the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) by Jan. 1, 2022.

The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program’s transition from summary to incident-based data will establish NIBRS as the national standard for crime reporting.

Using the NIBRS data, the Fontana P.D. can identify patterns and trends and have a more comprehensive overview of crime statistics within the city limits, police said in a news release.  This new way of data collection will serve a two-fold purpose:

• First, NIBRS reporting will help the P.D. prevent crime and have more informed conversations with the community on crime reduction.

• Secondly, NIBRS reporting will allow police to present a clear overview of crime and issues within the city. NIBRS reporting will have a cumulative effect on combating crime issues and solving the quality of life issues.

What NIBRS reporting means to the P.D.:

• More comprehensive data collection

• Increased transparency in crime reporting

• Accessibility to a more comprehensive range of crime data

• Crime data modernization

Police "will now have a more precise knowledge of where crimes occur, what form it takes, and the characteristics of victims and suspects to better define the resources we need to fight crime," the news release said.  "NIBRS reporting will allow the identification of common crime trends among similar jurisdictions, allowing agencies to develop proactive strategies for addressing issues."

What NIBRS reporting means to the citizens of Fontana:

• Enhanced accountability to the citizens of the status of public safety within the city of Fontana.

• Improved communication to the citizens regarding the efficient use of city resources.

• More transparency to the citizens with more detailed and accurate crime reporting.

• The transparency in crime reporting that NIBRS offers will allow the community to voice their needs, concerns and expectations to the city leaders.

The P.D. will discontinue the summary reporting and release the new reporting format for NIBRS data starting on Jan. 1.

"Your local Area Commanders will be able to provide more in-depth information regarding NIBRS during upcoming crime watch meetings and community events," the news release said.

"An informed community is a solid community. Our service to the community depends on educating the public, transparency, and providing a platform for open communication."

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