David Almaraz-Roman, a resident of Santa Fe Springs, was arrested on child sex charges.  (Contributed photo by Fontana Police Department)

A 20-year-old man was arrested on several child sex charges, according to a news release issued by the Fontana Police Department on Aug. 31.

The case began when detectives from the Fontana P.D.'s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force received a report that David Almaraz-Roman, a resident of Santa Fe Springs, had met an underage male victim on the social media application Grinder. Almaraz-Roman drove to the City of Fontana to meet the victim. While Almaraz-Roman and the victim were together, Almaraz-Roman allegedly sexually assaulted the victim, police said.

The Fontana P.D. Fugitive Apprehension Team located Almaraz-Roman in Santa Fe Springs.

ICAC detectives then discovered that Almaraz-Roman possessed thousands of pornographic images and videos on his electronic device, many of which allegedly depicted children under 18 years old in child sexual abuse situations.

The suspect was arrested on a charge of possession of child pornography as well as crimes which allegedly occurred in Fontana, including sex with a foreign object with a victim under age 18, contact with a minor with intent to engage in sex, sodomy with a person under 18, and oral copulation with a person under 18, police said. He was booked at West Valley Detention Center.

ICAC detectives are requesting the public's assistance in this case. Anyone with information is encouraged to contacted Detective J. Rodriguez at JDRODRIGUEZ@FONTANA.ORG

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This article is not based on full research-based evidence, but a cut/paste article taken from the Facebook wall of Fontana PD. The allegations are basically an accusation that someone has committed a crime against them, however holds no bearing on whether those accusations are true or false. Furthermore, because this article was a cut/paste and the 'editor' " Ingold "did not research" and stated "If I took time to research every article I wouldn't have time to do anything else. No news forums do research," shows a lack of professionalism and authenticity to the journalism world. Cutting and pasting is not only a form of plagiarism, but it leaves out important facts, or a lie by omission feeling that allows readers to misinterpret and draw erroneous conclusions. The fact that no mention of Grindr, an adult app 18+ was the conduit in the two people meeting led to an accusation of sexual assault on one gay, Hispanic man is irresponsible. Furthermore, the statement that "thousands" of "underage" photos were confiscated is nebulous; again leading readers to succumb to their own opinions not based from a legal standpoint. To ruin a young man's reputation that led to the dismissal of his college and all academic scholarship is part of why this country is quickly spinning down a shame spiral.


No matter if the article is cut and paste or not has no bearing on the fact that this man is a rapist and should be referred to as so, not as a young man. He ruined his own reputation when he decided to rape a 15 year old boy and keep in his possession thousands of pornographic pictures of children. What he got was generous considering the sheer atrocity that he committed, and the fact that you would defend his disgusting actions just because he had plans to go to college makes you just as bad as him. And the reason this country is falling into a spiral of shame is because of people like you and this rapist think it's alright to take advantage of people who don't know any better.


@akababie you presume he is a rapist bc he had sex with a person 1 month shy of 18. First of all you know nothing about the law and I am defending his rights as a human being in the USA. If this person was "15" HE is the liar and if filing an alleged crime with "unclean hands." You cannot break the law, lie and then decide to accuse someone who was deceived. You need to redirect yourself to the laws of this country and I pray that you are not a rapist or a sexual predator or your loved ones. I have been assaulted and raped so I know what rape is. You on the other hand have been raped and are triggered are you are clearly apart of the problem.


And remember-people don't get sent to jail without evidence.

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