Alicia Lopez

OffenderWatch recognized Fontana Police Department employee Alicia Lopez for excellence in overseeing the city’s 286 sex offenders.  (Contributed photo by Fontana Police Department)

A Fontana Police Department employee received national recognition for excellence in overseeing the city’s 286 sex offenders.

OffenderWatch recognized Alicia Lopez and the office for excelling in meeting the sex offender registry (SOR) objectives.

As a member of the SOR team, Lopez ensures complete, accurate and comprehensive offender records; tracks offenders moving in and out of the city; and promotes inter-agency cooperation with the U.S. Marshals Service investigating and locating absconded offenders.

Fontana P.D. uses the management software tool OffenderWatch to keep track of registered sex offenders, often using the system to aid in investigations and proactively improve public safety.

Lopez was chosen to receive the award out of 14,000 OffenderWatch users from more than 3,000 agencies. She accepted the award during a ceremony at the P.D. on Sept. 11.

“Alicia works tirelessly monitoring and overseeing the city’s sex offenders. Her efforts promote safety in our community and are a tremendous asset to our sworn personnel,” said Police Chief Billy Green.

“The sex offender registry department is a priority in Fontana, and that has allowed Lopez and the entire department to go above and beyond what is required in statute. Lopez and the staff work very hard to collect comprehensive data on every offender in their jurisdiction so that the public has all of the information necessary to protect themselves,” said Mike Cormaci, president of OffenderWatch.

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