Nicholas Shawn Stark, a Fontana Police Department officer, was arrested on a charge of rape of a minor by intoxication. 

A Fontana Police Department officer was arrested on a charge of rape of a minor by intoxication on June 4, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

On June 2, the Fontana P.D. contacted the Sheriff's Department and requested assistance with an investigation of the suspect, who was identified as Nicholas Shawn Stark, a 28-year-old Fontana resident. The alleged victim was a 16-year-old girl and the alleged crime took place in Rancho Cucamonga.

At the conclusion of the investigation, Stark was taken into custody and booked into West Valley Detention Center. His bail was set at $250,000.

Detectives determined that the alleged crime occurred prior to Stark's employment with the P.D.

Detectives are releasing the suspect's booking photo. Any additional victims or any persons with information are urged to contact the Specialized Investigation Division, Crimes Against Children Detail at (909) 387-3615. Callers wishing to remain anonymous are urged to call the We-Tip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463).

----- IN AN email to the Herald News, Fontana Police Chief Billy Green said the situation regarding the arrest of Stark is a "righteous concern for our residents and employees. No attempt to justify or mitigate his predatory deviant behavior will be made. He has tarnished the badge of the Fontana Police Department and our community deserves answers."

Green said the comprehensive pre-hire background process takes about 3-5 months to complete and includes, among other aspects, both psychological evaluation and polygraph examination.

"Despite our best attempts to weed out people that should not be hired, we missed the mark and hired someone we should not have," Green said.

He said that one of the Fontana P.D. captains became aware of the situation due to a post on social media from a young woman indicating she had been a victim of sexual assault and the culprit was an officer.

"We were able to quickly learn the identity of the victim," Green said. "Once the victim was identified, I personally called Sheriff (John) McMahon and asked for his staff to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations."

Green said the Fontana P.D. has been fully cooperating with the investigation and will continue to do so.

"Based on California law, I cannot immediately fire Nicholas Stark. He is on paid leave and that is disgusting. However, I will endeavor to terminate him in the most expeditious manner possible," Green said.

"This is not what the Fontana Police Department is about. This act, despite having occurred prior to becoming a Fontana officer, rightfully calls into question the character of the entire department. I understand that. I commit myself, and the 300 men and women I work with, to do what needs to be done to begin repairing the damage."

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Always great to know that we have such a strong screening process for our officers here in Fontana. There's no way they could have hired someone to be an officer in our town with such moral values. To prey on an innocent while intoxicated shows what we have to deal with. Then give him a gun and power over other innocent people. Yeah, sounds great.

One thing i've learned in this life, if there's one...there's more. Should evaluate our whole department with a non-Fontana employed professional physician.


It's funny how this guy a police officer got only a $250,000 bail for rape and intoxicating a minor. Even though this crime happened before his Fontana PD employment he's still getting liency. He should be registering as a sex offender and bail should be 1 mil or no bail.

I SAY THIS BECAUSE My son who has mental illness not taking his medication drinking and was on drugs a veteran walked in a females home when her door was unlocked. Didn't touch her just asked her to marry him because his voices told him to do so. The victim told him to wait outside of the home and he waited . Fontana police came he told them he just wanted to marry her. He was arrested charged with burglary and attempt to rape. Bail 1mllion dollars. Judge would not allow my son to go to Veterans court Fought the case for 2 years. Was looking at 20 years and registering as a sex offender. Hired an attorney from the Cochran firm . Rape charges dismissed burglary misdemeanor probation restitution and now allowed to get treatment from the VA. He black and I guess color do matter. He never even touched the female but had outlandish charges by Fontana PD.

Mother that fought for her sons life.


sorry to break it to you candysmiles911 but this officer didn't get the girl drunk she did that all on her own, besides why don't you wait until the whole truth comes out ....It was only an accusation im not surprised this comes out now when people want to make police officers look bad because that's the thing to do right now.


What happened to rational thought?? An accusation does not mean he is guilty. What a scary world we live in when an accusation automatically makes one guilty in the eyes of the mob. I would have expected even the Cheif to be more impartial. If the man is found guilty, throw the book at him! Lock him up for good! This country has 'due process' for a reason. I need more than an accusation from a 16 year old to find a man guilty of such a terrible act. But to condemn immediately, without evidence...

It's all fine to condemn without evidence until you are the one being accused.


You sir speak the truth. People need to relax.


Have any of you people ever heard of GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? None of you know the facts yet you comment like you do! Remember, there's always two sides to a story. We have many examples on tv where rape accusations made by women weren't accurate at all, actually more like lies.

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