Fontana Police Department
Fontana Police Officer Chris Drayer was honored as the Employee of the Month at a recent City Council meeting.

Due to his fine work in helping to solve cases involving thefts of catalytic converters, Officer Chris Drayer was recognized as the November 2021 Employee of the Month by the Fontana Police Department.

Drayer, who had been assigned to the Rapid Response Team for the past four years, recently returned to patrol duties.

During his tenure on the Rapid Response Team, Drayer took a proactive approach in dealing with the ongoing thefts in the city. He monitored the activities of known suspects who were believed to be involved in these thefts and coordinated several operations, which led to numerous arrests and the return of dozens of stolen catalytic converters.

He also was able to identify suspects who were involved in the purchasing of these stolen items. Several search warrants were served, and about 400 stolen catalytic converters were seized.

Drayer reached out to a local business which partnered with the Police Department in providing victims usable catalytic converters for their vehicles and installing them back onto their vehicles at a reduced cost. This has saved the victims of these crimes thousands of dollars.

“Officer Drayer’s dedication to the citizens of Fontana was unwavering and constantly went above and beyond with the investigations he handled,” Police Chief Billy Green said.

Drayer has also stepped up as a leader and mentor on the team, Green said.

“He assists the junior members on the team in their investigations and is always willing to help,” Green said. “Officer Drayer should be commended for his dedication and hard work.”

The officer was honored during the Dec. 14 Fontana City Council meeting.

----- ALSO, Dispatch Shift Supervisor Mary Jo Grinceri was named the non-sworn Employee of the Month for November.

Grinceri was praised for her willingness to volunteer to extensively cover the shift of another dispatch shift supervisor who had to fly out of town due to a family emergency.

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