Fontana Police Department

The Fontana Police Department reported that the number of major crimes committed in Fontana decreased 16 percent in 2017.

Fontana saw a huge decrease in the number of major crimes committed in the city during 2017, according to statistics provided by the Fontana Police Department.

There were 4,463 Part One crimes reported in Fontana in 2017, a decrease of 16 percent from the 5,283 crimes reported in 2016, police said.

In fact, there was a decline in the number of crimes in all eight of the statistical categories that the Fontana P.D. reports to the FBI:

• Homicides dropped from 14 in 2016 to 10 last year;

• The number of rapes declined from 69 to 62;

• Robberies went down from 218 to 206;

• Aggravated assaults decreased from 569 to 437 (which is a 23 percent drop);

• Burglaries decreased from 697 to 563;

• Thefts went down from 2,550 to 2,292;

• Auto thefts dropped from 1,149 to 881 (which is a 23 percent drop);

• Arsons went down from 17 to 12.

The statistics from 2017 reflect a dramatic change from both 2016 and 2015, when the number of crimes in Fontana went up.

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