Hair salons

Hair salons and barbershops are now allowed to operate indoors in San Bernardino County under specific guidance issued by the state. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Aug. 28 announced a move from the existing state Monitoring List to a four-tier, color-coded system that governs the ability of counties to reopen businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The new system is more gradual than before to guard against loosening restrictions too quickly and subsequent case surges.

Counties will move through the new, four-tier system based on two specific metrics: case rates and the percentage of positive tests.

San Bernardino County’s status would be unchanged in the new system, in which the county falls into the Purple Tier along with 37 other counties in the state, representing 87 percent of the state’s population. In this tier, the virus is considered “widespread” with more than 8 percent of tests coming back positive and more than seven new cases daily per 100,000. The county’s current dashboard, which looks at cases over 14 days, does not yet reflect these new criteria.


Adding some positive news, the governor also announced an easing of restrictions on hair salons and barbers, allowing these businesses throughout the state to reopen indoors beginning Monday, Aug. 31, with modifications. This applies to counties in all tiers, including purple.

“We will take a few days to sort out what the new tier system and updated criteria means for San Bernardino County, but we are still optimistic knowing that in recent weeks we have been on a consistent, positive trend to lowering our case and positivity rates,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “What is exciting, however, is that our county’s hair salons and barbers can now reopen indoors and bring in patrons who have been waiting patiently to visit their favorite stylist or barber.”

Business owners should review and follow the posted guidelines for hair salons and barbers, to ensure they are operating within COVID-compliant business practices. To be clear, the announcement today specifically says these business may open with restrictions, which include face mask requirements, social distancing between stations, and specific cleaning protocols.

Also able to open on Aug. 31 are all indoor retail, shopping centers and malls, at maximum 25 percent capacity. Until this announcement, only retail stores with outside facing entrances were allowed to be open.

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