AMR San Bernardino County has responded to the federal government’s request for EMS deployment for Hurricane Dorian.  (Contributed photo by AMR)

AMR (American Medical Response) San Bernardino County has responded to the federal government’s request for EMS (emergency medical services) deployment for Hurricane Dorian, which devastated the Bahamas and also hit the eastern United States recently.

As the nation’s largest provider of medical transportation and FEMA’s prime contractor for services, AMR San Bernardino County is prepared for these emergencies and is ready to react.

AMR San Bernardino County sent out multiple crews from different operation sites before the hurricane had a chance to hit land in the Bahamas. The first responder teams brought medical supplies to help treat patients in different areas affected by Dorian.

“As part of the Global Medical Response family of companies, our national scope allows us to secure whatever is needed, including appropriate personnel, vehicles, aircraft, logistics and supplies to respond quickly,” said Ted Van Horne, COO of Global Medical Response. “We are committed to helping support these communities and the patients who are in the path of the hurricane while continuing to provide timely medical response in all the other communities we serve.”

As FEMA’s prime emergency medical service response provider, AMR has a national agreement with FEMA to provide ground ambulance, air ambulance, paratransit services and non-ambulance EMS personnel to supplement the federal and military response to a disaster, an act of terrorism or any other public health emergency.

The crews were planning to stay in the area as long as they were needed.

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