Summer is a busy time for local animal shelters. The warmer weather means an increase in the number of kittens born and surrendered to already overcrowded animal welfare organizations.

In an ongoing effort to prevent unwanted litters and to promote lifesaving measures, nine animal shelters servicing San Bernardino County will be hosting an “End of Summer Spay-Cation.”

Appointments for free cat spay or neuter clinics will be available Aug. 19 through Aug. 23 at the participating shelters.

San Bernardino County will be offering vouchers worth $75 toward the cost to spay and neuter cats. Vouchers are for residents who reside in the county’s unincorporated areas.

San Bernardino County Animal Control Directors Coalition is encouraging county residents to make their cat an appointment to be spayed or neutered.

“Beyond the many health benefits for cats, spaying or neutering your pet is a way that residents can help reduce pet over-population and promote the adoption of healthy and treatable pets countywide,” said Veronica Fincher, director of the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care and Adoption Center.

The Rancho Cucamonga facility is located at 11780 Arrow Route, and the phone number is (909) 466-7387.

The county partners with the Pet Overpopulation Coalition (POPCO), which will be issuing spay/neuter vouchers to residents in the unincorporated communities throughout the county. Vouchers can be requested by calling POPCO at 1-888-767-2550. Limited appointments are available.

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