Illegal casino

This money and weapon were confiscated after an illegal casino was shut down in Upland.  (Contributed photo by Upland Police Department)

An illegal casino was shut down in Upland and nine suspects were arrested on Aug. 19, according to the Upland Police Department.

Upland's Impact Team officers recovered a gun with no serial number, $9,000 in cash, drugs, multiple gambling machines, and other weapons, police said in a Facebook post.

The Special Investigations Unit, along with K9 Timur and detectives, assisted in the operation.


• On Aug. 23, a weekend patrol officer stopped a driver who had an active arrest warrant for a weapons charge, police said on Facebook.

During a search of the suspect's 2010 Nissan, officers located about 1/4 pound of "mushrooms," $2,400 in cash, more than seven pounds of marijuana, and items used for drug sales.

The driver was arrested on various felony and misdemeanor charges.

• On Aug. 22, three men were arrested on multiple felony charges and a probation violation after weapons were found.

Officer Song stopped a 2017 Honda driven by a suspect, and police subsequently searched his hotel room in the 1100 block of E. Foothill Boulevard (which had two other occupants). The search uncovered two loaded 9mm handguns, a replica H&K MP5 BB gun, and parts of a AR-15 rifle. About $2,000 cash was recovered, along with evidence of drug sales.

• On Aug. 21, a 17-year-old suspect was in custody on charges relating to a weapon and drugs.

A traffic stop led to a loaded firearm with no serial numbers and ecstasy pills, police said.

• On Aug. 13, a traffic stop yielded a gun, one ounce of methamphetamine, and $15,000 cash. A search warrant was served at the driver's home in Upland, where two more guns (both of which were stolen), 8 ounces of methamphetamine, more than 10,000 pills, and heroin were located.

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