San Bernardino Police Department

The San Bernardino Police Department arrested a man who allegedly stabbed four people on Sept. 14.

A 39-year-old San Bernardino man was arrested after allegedly stabbing four people during a vicious crime spree at multiple locations in the city on Sept. 14, according to the San Bernardino Police Department.

One of the victims, an elderly woman, was hospitalized in critical condition.

Eric Dean Anglin, a convicted felon, was arrested on several counts of attempted murder, attempted carjacking, resisting arrest, criminal threats, and a probation violation.

The San Bernardino P.D. gave this account of the incidents:

----- OFFICERS responded to the 1300 block of East Baseline Street at about 5:51 a.m. after receiving reports that an armed man tried to carjack a motorist.

The suspect jumped onto the side of a moving vehicle and was trying to smash the windows of that vehicle while the motorist was driving to work. The driver called the police and provided updates while he drove to work. The driver also called his work and explained that an unknown person was trying to carjack him. The suspect was armed with a knife and banging on the vehicle windows, and threatened to stab the driver if he did not surrender the vehicle. The armed suspect was described as behaving erratically, as if he was under the influence of a controlled substance.

----- WHEN the driver arrived at his worksite, the suspect continued to vandalize the vehicle and smashed a window.

Numerous coworkers attempted to intervene and the angry suspect stabbed two of those coworkers.

Several coworkers attempted to disarm the suspect by defending themselves with their hand tools. The coworkers defended themselves with sticks, bats, and hammers, all of which had no effect on the suspect.

During the attacks, a female employee arrived at the business and the armed suspect ran towards her vehicle and attempted to carjack her. She was able to keep her vehicle and sped away before he could harm her.

Police officers arrived and tried to contact the violent suspect. Uniformed officers attempted to detain the suspect by utilizing verbal commands. The suspect was uncooperative and ignored their commands.

After a brief standoff with police, he turned and walked toward them in an aggressive manner. Officers were forced to utilize arrest and control tactics which included a Taser, baton, pepper-spray, and less-lethal munitions. Those tactics were not effective, and the suspect yanked the Taser darts from his body.

After a lengthy struggle, the suspect exhausted himself and officers were able to handcuff and detain him.

Medical aid was summoned and responded to treat the two injured victims at the scene. They were transported to a local hospital for further medical treatment. Those two stabbing victims were subsequently interviewed, and their injuries were treated and photographed.

----- WHILE officers investigated this matter, they learned the same suspect was previously involved in another altercation at a local motel located in the 1300 block of North E Street at about 5:45 a.m.

Officers responded to that location to check for any involved persons and located an additional stabbing victim.

Surveillance video was reviewed, and it depicted Anglin tackling and stabbing an elderly female victim in the parking lot of the motel. He forcefully tackled her to the asphalt as he repeatedly stabbed and slashed her with a knife. After the attack, he left her on the ground was seen running from the motel toward E Street. He ran in the direction of a passing vehicle and attempted to stop that car while he was still armed with the knife.

A fourth stabbing victim arrived at a local hospital and it was determined that Anglin had also stabbed him at the motel.

Both of those stabbing victims were treated at local hospitals.

----- ANGLIN was ultimately subdued by numerous police officers and transported to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. Anglin sustained injuries as a result of fighting with the coworkers at the job site and as a result of fighting with uniformed police officers.

It was apparent that Anglin was under the influence of a controlled substance due to his behavior and the objective symptoms he displayed, police said. Officers also located, photographed, and collected the bloody knife as evidence. Anglin was lodged into a San Bernardino County detention center.

When investigators researched Anglin, it was determined that he was on active felony probation for attempted robbery. He was a convicted felon with a violent past, yet he was granted probation and released from custody, said Investigations Captain Adam Affrunti.

“The early release of dangerous offenders and decriminalization of drugs has had a devastating impact on the safety of our communities," Affrunti said. "The men and women of the San Bernardino Police Department exhibited great restraint and professionalism when taking Anglin into custody, preventing him from attacking anyone else."

Anyone with additional information regarding these violent incidents is urged to call or email Detective Siems at (909) 384-5650 / or Sergeant Tello at (909) 384-5613 /

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