California Attorney General Xavier Becerra recently filed a lawsuit in the Alameda County Superior Court against Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company, a network of motor vehicle dealerships, and its chief executive Paul Blanco, alleging that the company engaged in a variety of unlawful business practices.

These practices allegedly include false advertising regarding credit and discount programs, making false statements on credit applications, and deceiving customers regarding add-on products and additional charges, Becerra said.

The company operates a network of seven dealership locations in California (including an Inland Empire location in Norco) and mostly sells used vehicles.

Paul Blanco targets vulnerable predominantly low-income consumers with subprime credit, Becerra said. For many of these consumers, a vehicle is a necessity and can be the most expensive one-time purchase they ever make. Paul Blanco’s allegedly deceitful and unlawful conduct put these families at risk, Becerra said.

“A car is one of the largest, and most important purchases for many families, allowing people to get to work, school, and connect to their communities,” said Becerra. “Far from a good car company, Paul Blanco’s abhorrent conduct put vulnerable families at risk, through deceitful advertising and illegal sales and lending practices. It’s disgraceful and it’s unlawful. Working families make every dollar count. Today’s action is about protecting our families from deception and unlawful practices that swindle these dollars away, leading to unaffordable debt.”

The lawsuit charges Paul Blanco with making false statements on credit applications, including by deceiving lenders about the value of vehicles and the consumer’s ability to repay the loans. This allowed the company to boost its profits through improperly financed sales and increased the risk that the consumers would be saddled with loans that they could not afford.

Paul Blanco also allegedly tricked customers into paying thousands of dollars for extra add-on products, such as service contracts and GAP insurance, by telling customers that these add-ons were required by law, or by simply concealing the extra charge. These practices increased the cost of an already substantial purchase, almost always made by taking out an expensive loan.

The company also allegedly ran numerous false and deceptive advertising campaigns on television, radio and the Internet promising falsely low interest rates even for consumers who wouldn’t normally qualify for such rates to lure unsuspecting consumers to the dealership, Becerra said.

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Much has been reported about the lawsuit against Paul Blanco Motors. I wonder whether it is only a co-incidence that the Blanco name, that pops up in a fraudulent auto sales deal where I am the victim, is in anyway related to the business of Paul Blanco Motors. This fraud relates to total misrepresentation of the condition of the vehicle that they had on sale and possibly illegal activity relating to Charity regulations.

In a nutshell – I purchased a 2018 Jeep Wrangler on E-Bay where the listing company was Retail The Jeep was based in California. The vehicle was totally fraudulently described as having absolutely no defects as well as that it was a Private Sale. On the arrival of the Title documents and the Jeep in Arizona I found that the documents did not show the sale as being private, but by a company called Caring Cars Inc., and that after investigating an oil leak we found multiple problems caused by the engine having been underwater for some time with contamination of the brake system, the steering system and a problem with the air bags. The engine seemed to have been worked on and is suspect of being a junkyard engine that was installed. The Jeep dealer where I had it inspected stated that the vehicle was Unsafe to drive. With the result that the Jeep has been locked up all these 6 weeks whilst I have been trying to sort out the issues with the sellers.

Why I am curious as to whether Paul Blanco Motors have any link to the companies that I have been dealing with is as follows:

1) The name of the E-Bay listing seller is: Retail The Title and Vehicle Transfer and Reassignment forms were signed off by a company called Caring Cars Inc.. Caring Cars Inc. was founded by Dalton Blanco. Dalton Blanco is the founder of Retail The contact name listed on Dun & Bradstreet for Caring Cars Inc. is Joseph Robert Blanco.

2) My initial complaint was addressed to the sales and support team at Retail Remarketing and they directed me to their senior director Brian Johnson. I had managed to speak to Brian Johnson on the phone and he gave me his telephone number (949) 427-8803 which goes to the Retail Remarketing office but is also associated with the address of Caring Cars Inc. which is 24363 Sunnymead Blvd Moreno Valley CA 92553.

It would appear that Retail Remarketing and Caring Cars Inc. are one and the same companies and it is interesting that Caring Cars Inc., share the same last name as Paul Blanco. If there is a relationship, then I would think that as Caring Cars Inc. are registered as a Charity based organization, implying that they possibly enjoy Charity status when filing their income tax, that their charity activities should also, like Paul Blanco Motors, be investigated by The Attorney General’s office.


Hey, I am in a similar situation. I plan on suing Joseph Robert Blanco. Can you please get in contact with me at

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