Plane crash

A small plane crashed in San Bernardino on Nov. 13.  (Contributed photo by Gilbert Gonzalez)

A pilot was injured when a small plane crashed in San Bernardino on Nov. 13, according to the San Bernardino County Fire Department.

Just after 8 p.m., San Bernardino County Fire’s crash station at San Bernardino International Airport was notified by the control tower of an incoming aircraft with a declared emergency. A pilot had announced an engine failure with intentions to land on Runway 6.

While units were responding, the control tower stated it had lost both radio and visual contact with the aircraft about one mile southwest of the field.

With no additional 911 calls to assist in locating the site, fire units began a hasty search of the industrial properties in the area. San Bernardino Sheriff’s helicopter, 40-KING, was requested and ultimately located the plane in the Santa Ana riverbed near East Cooley Drive and Cooley Court.

Firefighters hiked to the scene and located a man trapped in a Cessna 152, which had sustained heavy damage during the crash. The victim was removed from the wreckage and carried out to additional personnel.

There was no post-incident fire. A fuel leak was mitigated before it had the chance to travel into the river. Conflicting reports led to a search of the area for an additional victim before confirmation was obtained that the pilot was in fact the sole occupant.

The victim was transported to an area trauma center for treatment of potentially life threatening injuries. No additional injuries were reported to firefighters or civilians.

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