San Bernardino Police Department

The San Bernardino Police Department

Two men and two women were arrested on narcotics and weapons charges in San Bernardino, according to the San Bernardino Police Department.

On Jan. 15, members of the San Bernardino P.D.'s Narcotics Unit conducted a traffic stop in the area of Lynwood Drive and Sanchez Street on a vehicle for committing multiple California Vehicle Code violations. The vehicle was discovered to be reported stolen during a carjacking, police said. The occupants were identified as 27-year-old Mark Austin (the driver), and 39-year-old Jasmine Lopez (the passenger).

A search of the vehicle was conducted and about 1,000 Fentanyl pills were located, police said.

A search warrant was then served at a residence in the 1400 block of E. Lynwood Drive. During the service of the search warrant, four firearms were recovered and about 4,000 more Fentanyl pills and other evidence of narcotics sales were located. There was also another stolen vehicle located at the location, police said.

Mark Austin, 33-year-old Oscar Lopez, Jasmine Lopez, and 32-year-old Jacqueline Lopez were all arrested on felony charges, and additional felony charges are being sought against other subjects at the residence. All of the persons were booked into the San Bernardino County Central Detention Facility.

The firearms were confiscated, the evidence was collected, the narcotics were seized, and the stolen vehicles were recovered, police said.

“Locating and seizing these drugs, guns, and arresting these suspects was a major blow to this drug distribution ring. I want to express my deepest appreciation to the hard-working men and women of the San Bernardino Police Department and for the continued support of the community. We can make a difference, together,” said Investigations Captain Adam Affrunti.

Anyone with information about this investigation or further illegal narcotic-related investigations or activity in San Bernardino can contact the San Bernardino P.D. at (909) 384-5667 or email tips to investigators at

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