Kevin Ryan

Fontana Transportation Engineering Manager Kevin Ryan

A lot of work goes into planning freeway interchanges.

Just ask Transportation Engineering Manager Kevin Ryan, who worked alongside Caltrans and the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) to ease the flow of traffic by helping to bring five interchanges to Fontana.

These interchanges are just a few of the exciting high-profile projects that Kevin has worked on as he approaches his 20-year anniversary with the City of Fontana.

Ryan began his career as a planner working on projects such as the Fontana Auto Center, design guidelines for Foothill Boulevard, and the downtown senior apartments. He later moved to Redevelopment and Special Projects, focusing on the Freeway Interchange Program and the Pacific Electric Trail.

Once those projects were complete, he moved to the Engineering Department, where he continues to focus on transportation and land development.

“Every workday is a bit different and I like that,” Ryan said. “One day I may be meeting with developers or collaborating with Caltrans and SBCTA. The next, you may catch me working on securing grants or helping update the City's General Plan."

His responsibilities consist of managing the Transportation Division within the Engineering Department by serving as the City liaison with SBCTA and Caltrans. He works on transportation grants and travels to Washington D.C. and Sacramento to lobby for transportation dollars.

In his role as the land development manager, he manages several divisions within the Engineering Department, including Public Works Inspection, Land Development, Water Quality Management, and the Landscape Division.

“My biggest accomplishment in my career was restructuring the Land Development process,” he said. “Not just because it streamlined our previous process, but because it was a team effort.”

Ryan's interest in working for a city began when he majored in geography. The planning and environmental classes he took sparked his interest in city government, and he was determined to make a difference in the community.

His favorite part of the job is simple -- helping people through the development process, whether on the phone or at the front counter, all the while changing their perception of city government for the better.

His coworkers would be surprised to know he has twin boys. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his sons working on their 1969 Datsun or throwing a barbecue for his friends and family.

Coworkers describe Kevin as a hard worker whose sense of humor contributes to a great work environment.

For more information about the Fontana Land Development Division, visit the Department of Engineering.

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I want to know who is behind putting islands in the middle of all of our roadways. I really enjoy having to drive past where I am going and u-turning for everything. Also the small spaces in the island cut out for turning lane that only allow 3 cars until the turning lane spills into the left lane. Pure genius guys.


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