Firefighters from the Fontana Fire Protection District gather for a photo.  A new fire station is planned in northern Fontana and is scheduled to be completed in 2022.  (Contributed photo by City of Fontana)

Ken Hunt is no longer the city manager, but his legacy will live on through many projects that the City of Fontana has planned for the upcoming years, including a new fire station and millions of dollars worth of road work.

"We will continue to keep moving forward in Fontana," said Mayor Acquanetta Warren, after announcing that Hunt had retired this past week.

As part of the new budget that was approved by the City Council in June, the city document created by Hunt provided details on 126 projects that are scheduled through the Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2019-2020 through 2025-26 at a total cost of $551.1 million.

This year's budget includes $14.01 million for some of those new and ongoing projects, including:

• Fire Station 81 (the eighth one in the city) will be built at Sierra Avenue and Casa Grande Avenue at the northern end of the city limits. The budget will set aside $500,000 for the design and environmental phases for the station, beginning this December. Construction is expected to start in July of 2021, with an estimated completion date of December of 2022. When finished, the $7.9 million station will allow the response time for this northern area of Fontana to be reduced to less than 5 minutes.

• Pavement rehabilitation -- The budget funds $8.41 million from various funds, including $3.51 million from the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Act of 2017 (the gasoline tax increase), for street overlay and rehabilitation and construction of new and replacement sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

• Permitting system replacement -- The budget funds $900,000 from the Capital Reinvestment Fund to replace an outdated version that is placing an undue burden on staff as well as processing delays for the public.

• Fire Station 78 flashing beacon and traffic signal -- The budget funds $600,000 from various funds for the installation of a decorative traffic signal and a flashing beacon in front of Fire Station 78, which is located at the intersection of Citrus and Chase avenues. The completion of this project will assist with increased traffic volume from the ongoing development east of the intersection.

• Street and sidewalk installation/rehabilitation -- The budget funds $400,000 from the Capital Reinvestment Fund to install missing curb, gutter and sidewalks in the city to increase mobility and improve foot traffic.

• Alder, Locust and Ramona sidewalks and traffic signs -- The budget funds $348,000 from the Future Capital Projects Fund to begin a project to install additional sidewalk and bicycle infrastructure for multiple schools in the area.

• South Fontana Sports Park -- The budget funds an additional $300,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund toward the construction of this 17-acre park with four lighted artificial turf fields for football and soccer use.

• Hardware replacement program -- The budget funds $1.40 million from the City Technology Fund and $0.35 million from the Federal Asset Seizure Fund to replace computers, servers, network equipment, etc. throughout the city as needed on an ongoing basis.

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