"Hot" was the word which best described a concert at Fontana A.B. Miller High School on Sept. 16.

Hot, as in: temperatures soaring over 100 degrees. But also hot, as in: exciting musical acts.

Miller was the first stop for the 2014 High School Nation Tour, which featured Drake Bell (a well-known actor and singer) as well as several other performers.

The students had fun while trying to stay cool during the free lunchtime show, which was held on a field in the northwest part of the campus.

Bell (who has been featured on Nickelodeon and Disney XD programs) energized the teenagers by singing and playing guitar in a classic rock style, starting with a spirited cover of the Stray Cats' "Runaway Boys."

The eclectic concert also featured up-and-coming artists Bean, Trevor Jackson, Nikos, and Jamella.

"It's very hot, but I really enjoyed it," said Nikos, the vocalist of his own alternative rock band. "The kids were great; they sang along. I had a really good time."

Jamella said it was "wonderful" to be chosen for the tour after taking first place in a contest through ReverbNation.

"They picked me to be the winner out of 1,000 contestants, so it's a really great opportunity for me to be here," she said.

Hundreds of the students helped Jamella sing the lyrics to Rihanna's "Stay," and in fact, Jamella went into the audience to let student Chalon Hicks demonstrate her powerful voice on the popular song.

The High School Nation Tour aims to promote music education, and there were several giveaways during the event, with one student even receiving a new guitar. Some of the students were given a chance to interview and take photos of the musicians.

Miller also hosted a High School Nation event two years ago.

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