Fontana's two lawmakers in the House of Representatives were inside the U.S. Capitol, voting to certify the results of the November election, when a violent mob stormed the building on Jan. 6.

Rep. Norma Torres (D-35th District) and Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-31st District) were not hurt during the riot, but they will never forget what happened on that tragic day.

Exactly one week later, Aguilar and Torres voted in favor of impeaching the man they blamed for instigating the attack -- President Trump.

All Democrats in the House, joined by 10 Republicans, approved the impeachment on Jan. 13, charging Trump with "incitement of insurrection."

Five persons, including a police officer, died during the incident, and dozens more officers were injured while trying to stop the rampaging Trump supporters.

Torres said in a news release that "our democracy was tarnished for years to come" because of Trump's actions.

“What took place in the U.S. Capitol was sedition plain and simple -- incited by the president, encouraged by his loyalists, and carried out by the most militant members of his base,” she said.

During a House rules committee meeting, Torres indicated that she was frightened by the events of Jan. 6.

"I was 1 of 12 trapped in the House gallery. I heard the shot being fired. I saw the smoke from the tear gas having been deployed," she said, according to a report by NPR. "I was in the last group to be evacuated. We ran down the halls, stairs near a mob that was being held on the ground at gunpoint. I sheltered for four to five hours in a room that was packed shoulder-to-shoulder with people."

Then on Jan. 13, before the impeachment vote took place, Torres said in a Facebook post: "President Trump has done something no other President would dare. He incited a mob to attack his own people and the country he swore an oath to defend. It's time to reject his politics of division and protect American democracy. It’s time to once again impeach Donald Trump."

Aguilar also said that Trump must be held accountable.

“What we witnessed … at the Capitol was nothing short of a violent insurrection -- a mob of domestic terrorists stormed the US Capitol under the encouragement of President Trump with the explicit goal of preventing Members of Congress from doing their sworn duty," he said in a news release. "President Trump’s actions resulted in the loss of life at the Capitol building, and put the lives of hundreds of lawmakers, police officers, and those working in the Capitol at direct risk. He has worked to illegally overturn the results of the 2020 election and his incitement of domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol was a seditious, insurrectionist act. Enough is enough."

Trump, who will leave office on Jan. 20 when Joe Biden becomes president, became the first president to be impeached twice. Aguilar and Torres both voted along with other House Democrats to impeach Trump in December of 2019, but Trump remained in office because he was acquitted by the Senate in February, 2020.

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