Corwin Porter

Corwin Porter, the San Bernardino County health director, said the county has seen marked improvements in both positivity and equity positivity rates.

One year ago, things started to look grim in Fontana because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But a year later, after many ups and downs, things are starting to look much better.

New COVID-19 infections have decreased dramatically and vaccines are slowly but steadily becoming more available in Fontana and in San Bernardino County as a whole.

“We’ve recently seen marked improvements in both our positivity and equity positivity rates, along with significant declines in hospitalizations and ICU admissions,” said County Public Health Director Corwin Porter in a news release. “We expect these trends to accelerate as vaccination rates increase and people continue to practice the protective behaviors that reduce transmission of the virus.”

As of March 17, there have been a total of 38,987 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Fontana since officials declared a public health crisis in March of 2020. The number of new cases skyrocketed in November and December but has fallen significantly the past two months.

Porter and other county officials continued to warn that residents need to wear masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines in order to prevent another surge.

A total of 406 Fontana residents have died from the coronavirus. The county said a recent increase in the number of deaths has been a result of a large undercounting during November, December, and January.

Overall in the county, there have been 289,057 cases and 3,581 deaths as of March 17.

The county is still urging residents to get tested. Free testing is available in Fontana at the Jessie Turner Center, 15556 Summit Avenue, and the Jack Bulik Center, 16581 Filbert Street. For appointments, visit

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Just because a death is listed as caused by the CCP virus, doesn't mean that it actually did. Lots of money to be made by unscrupulous medical professional out there that are willing to prostitute themselves for the almighty greenbacks.

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