Fontana Police Department

Extra police patrols can be seen at Fontana's shopping centers, including Target.  (Contributed photo by Fontana Police Department)

In an effort to make sure that shopping at stores and markets remains a safe activity, Fontana Police Department officers have been involved in extra patrols at the city's shopping centers whenever possible.

On Facebook, police posted photos of patrol cars stationed in front of some of the Fontana locations, saying they want the residents to be able to "shop with some ease during this difficult time."

There have been long lines at several stores during the past week, especially at Costco.

However, no major crime incidents at Fontana stores have been reported recently.

Responding on the Fontana P.D. Facebook page, dozens of people said they were thankful for the extra patrols.

Nancy Flores said she was "so, so, so grateful."

"I was nervous about going to Costco since last time I went (in a different city) it got scary. Once I saw the cops there, I was able to relax and it was awesome to see the losers trying to cut just turn around and walk away because the cops were there," Flores said.

Johan Gallo said everyone appreciates that police are there. "Even if it is nothing more than a deterrent for people who would wreck havoc. Thanks for keeping everyone safe," Gallo said.

Reyna Mendoza said it is "sort of embarrassing that Fontana P.D. has to babysit grown people while shopping."

"It has to come to this because of greedy people," added Ken Senstock.

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