Illegal fireworks
Police seized these illegal fireworks, in addition to a weapon, during an incident in Fontana prior to July 4.  (Contributed photo by Fontana Police Department)

Every summer, many Fontana residents express their displeasure with the illegal fireworks that create loud explosions in neighborhoods at various times of the day and night.

This year, however, there was a major difference: The usually very high number of illegal fireworks decreased dramatically.

During the Fontana Police Department’s evaluation period of July 1-4, the Dispatch Center received about 429 calls for service related to fireworks. But last year during the same time period, there were 623 calls for service, meaning that 2022 saw a 31 percent decline, said Public Information Officer Jason Delair.

About 70 percent of those calls to police came from residents of the city’s central geographical area between the Route 210 Freeway and Valley Boulevard, Delair said.

During the peak hours on July 4, dispatch received 189 calls for service related to fireworks, a 58 percent decrease from the same day in 2021, when there were 330 calls.

Delair noted that many of the calls on the holiday were in response to the legal fireworks that were set off during the City of Fontana’s official Fourth of July Celebration, which was being held at the Miller Park Amphitheater in the downtown area for the first time.

Overall, more than 1,500 pounds of illegal fireworks were seized by police in Fontana, Delair said. In comparison, more than 5,000 pounds were confiscated by officers in 2020.

Ten citations were issued this year, and one arrest was made when a person was found to be in possession of a firearm, he said.

Police seized these illegal fireworks, in addition to a weapon, during an incident prior to July 4. (Contributed photo by Fontana Police Department)

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I think there was at least a 25% increase in and around the South Fontana area. There were at least 12 people on my street alone lighting off illegal fireworks on just the 4th. It was non-stop aerial bombs from 4pm till at least 11pm and the last came the following morning at 3:30am with 6 loud booms. Even last night July 24th at 8:30pm there were several aerial bombs coming from Bloomington area south of Jurupa.

I would say the low call volume is a result of people calling in previous years and getting no response from the police. [crying][crying][crying][crying][crying]

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