About 100 protesters who wanted to "defund" the Fontana Police Department chanted and waved signs in front of Fontana City Hall during the time when the City Council was holding a virtual meeting on the evening of June 23.

Protesters used chalk and wrote messages on the sidewalk, and some of them used chalk to mark on the walls of City Hall.

Several of the protesters held signs that said "Defund the Police" and "Black Lives Matter." One sign said "Hold Police Accountable" and another said "Cop Lives Don't Matter."

Later, as the sun went down, a few protesters moved to the middle of Sierra Avenue, urging motorists to honk their horns in support of their cause.

Some agitators in the group stood in front of a car before finally allowing it to leave the area.

Meanwhile, the City Council approved its budget for the 2020-2021 fiscal year during a budget meeting earlier in the day, and funding for the Police Department saw an increase in the General Fund from the previous year.

During 2019-2020, the Police Department received $60.9 million, which represented 59.7 percent of the $101 million General Fund budget.

In the 2020-2021 General Fund budget, the Police Department amount went up to $65.3 million, representing 61.7 percent of the $105.8 million total.

"The large increase in the Police Department reflects contract increases from MOUs which were negotiated and adopted at the beginning of the current fiscal year," said Lisa Strong, the city's director of management services, during the meeting. "When looking at the police budget across all city funds, there is actually a .14 percent reduction."

The City Council approved the new budget on a 5-0 vote.

In recent weeks, Mayor Acquanetta Warren has been a participant in peaceful protests that were held in opposition to the killing of Minnesota resident George Floyd by a police officer. However, she has not approved of calls to defund the Fontana P.D.

"This Council is not even looking at disbanding or defunding or transferring any funds," she said during a previous meeting on June 9.

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Wow, I'm amazed at the size of the protest. Must be at least a dozen SJW's there. I'm sure the City of Fontana will cave to their demands.

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