Vax for the Win

The "Vax for the Win" incentive plan announced by Gov. Gavin Newsom will enable vaccinated persons to become eligible to possibly receive huge financial rewards.

The Golden State’s newest millionaires could also be the most newly vaccinated against COVID-19.

Ten vaccinated Californians will each receive $1.5 million, 30 will receive $50,000, and the first 2 million who get vaccinated starting May 27 will receive $50 online or grocery gift cards under a $116.5 million “Vax for the Win” incentive plan announced by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“There are a lot of San Bernardino County residents who want to get vaccinated but haven’t because they have busy lives and higher priorities,” said Board of Supervisors Curt Hagman in a news release on May 27. “Hopefully the chance at winning a serious amount of state money will drive them to their nearest vaccination center.”

About half of all eligible county residents have been received at least one dose and about 40 percent have been fully vaccinated. Almost 1.5 million doses have been received by county residents.

These county residents -- along with everyone who is vaccinated soon -- will be among the 10 Californians who will split a $15 million jackpot on June 15. Vaccinated Californians will also be automatically entered for chances to win $50,000, with 15 winners drawn June 4 and the rest drawn June 11. Winners can claim their prizes after they have been fully vaccinated, which means two shots of Pfizer or Moderna or one shot of Johnson & Johnson.

All Californians 12 years or older are eligible. The state will place the winnings of those under 18 into a savings account until they reach adulthood.

Program details can be found on the State’s Vax for the Win website at

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