San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County

As the coronavirus crisis drags on, people who operate small businesses which are deemed "non-essential" in Fontana are faced with a horrible choice:

Should they shut down, causing possible financial ruin for themselves and their employees? Or should they disobey California's mandate and stay open, potentially contributing to a public health disaster?

Officials at the local and state levels say there really is no choice: these businesses must close their doors until further notice.

Nevertheless, the anguish is real for many business owners.

"Not everyone can afford to sit in their couches for two months and still be expected to pay the bills and afford groceries," an anonymous person told the Herald News.

A check of the Fontana area this past week revealed that some nail salons, car washes, tattoo shops, phone stores and other non-essential businesses continued to remain open.

In response, some San Bernardino County residents have asked county officials how they can report business owners who are failing to comply with the state's commands.

"If you believe a business or facility is violating the Health Officer Orders, please go to to complete a form that will give us the information needed to follow up and investigate or call the COVID-19 hotline at (909) 387-3911 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday," the county said in a news release.

"We hope to avoid penalties and instead rely on common sense and good judgment of business owners to act in the best interests of their employees and the community at large."

Since March 17, the county's Department of Public Health has sent more than 650 letters advising non-essential businesses to close or alter operations after receiving complaints about them operating in violation of health orders. Most of these businesses have complied with the orders, the county said.

For offenders who continue to willfully disregard the public health orders, complaints will be forwarded to the S.B. County Fire Marshal and Code Enforcement for follow-up investigations.

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So, I guess San Bernardino county is full of snitches. Says alot about you.


Or full of people who don't care about other people's lives. To include yourself .





Are you aware that in the United States alone, 6,000,000. (That’s 6 million) people die every year in automobile accidents?

I wonder if the government followed you around under “normal” circumstances, how many lives you put at risk everyday?!..... including your own!

Be careful what you consent to under the guise of a crisis. Once people in authority get a bigger taste of control, their thirst becomes unquenchable. And the reasoning they’ll use will be, “Sonia wanted us to protect her”.

I’m sorry to say, life is full of risks. And no matter what you do, it has the same outcome for all of us.

Mankind has been suffering through all types of viruses for thousands of years and we’re still here. And no matter what we do, we always will be until God says otherwise.

Instead of being so snarky with people, do a little research on how many people die of other diseases and causes and you just might find yourself wondering why this particular virus is being met with so much hysteria, when other causes of death far outweigh the Coronavirus.

Americans have a genuine right to wonder why the government says it’s perfectly fine to go get liquor, marijuana and abortions, but under no circumstances can you go to work, worship God or get in your boat and go on a lake!

This has gotten way out of control and you really need to start asking yourself some questions.

Randolph jones

About who?


Sorry, I need to make a correction.

When you ask Google how many people die in car accidents yearly, it says 6,000,000. But that’s incorrect. There are 6 million accidents yearly. 3 million are injured, 2 million suffer permanent disabilities and 90 people die daily.

Randolph jones

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Are you talking about gang stalking? And the dew being used in sb county?

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