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Fontana Police Chief Billy Green speaks at a press conference announcing that a suspect has been arrested in connection with two sexual assaults that occurred in Fontana on June 1.

A suspect who allegedly sexually assaulted two victims, including an elderly disabled woman, has been arrested in Pomona, according to the Fontana Police Department.

The suspect, Raul Christopher Alzaga, 28, was identified by police on the afternoon of June 2 and led officers on a pursuit, after which he attempted to slit his own throat, according to Police Chief Billy Green.

Alzaga ran through several alleys and back yards before eventually being cornered by police.  Alzaga refused to surrender and immediately began to cut his neck with a knife before collapsing in a pile of garbage, Green said at a news conference.  Police were able to grab the knife and handcuff Alzaga.  The suspect, a resident of the San Gabriel Valley, is now hospitalized.

A second suspect who was with Alzaga was located and taken into custody.

"This was a traumatic incident for the victims as well as our city, but I want to thank the great residents of Fontana for assisting us with this investigation," Green said.

Police received numerous tips from residents, which led to the arrest.

The incident involving the elderly disabled woman took place on June 1 at about 1 a.m. at a residence in the 7800 block of Juniper Avenue. The suspect entered the home by removing screens from the window and forcing his way into the room where the victim was sleeping.

Prior to assaulting the elderly woman, the suspect entered another residence on the same block of Juniper and sexually assaulted another female but was scared off by a family member, police said.

----- THE FAMILY of the elderly disabled victim has started a fundraiser for her on GoFundMe, indicating that she wants to move out of the residence where the incident occurred.

"Our mom and family have endured a horrible attack and nightmare," wrote Iraima Moffett. "We are doing a fundraiser for our incredible and beautiful mom. She is disabled, paralyzed from the waist down, and she was horrifically attacked and sexually assaulted.

"This monstrous attack has impacted her not only physically, but mentally as well. By the grace of God she miraculously survived this horrible ordeal and is need of many things to help with the rebuilding process. She is in need of new housing, new furniture, moving costs, lawyers fees, doctors fees, etc. If God has put it on your heart to help support her in her time of need, we would greatly appreciate it."

The GoFundMe page can be accessed at:

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I live right next door to where it happened, seen that guy before. It's an SF for south fontana, can't see the F from pictures, has more tatoo

s than that, his hair normally short might have just been locked up for a bit and just got out. Hasn't had time to trim hair but energy to hunt defenseless women. Will keep an eye out


Happy to see this very dangerous and violent thug locked about and away from the human race. Let's hope the SB county DA does the right thing and they keep Raul Alzaga locked up with the other vile rapists animals for as long as possible. And BTW where is Raul's mother to apologize to the paralyzed women he raped and her family.

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