William Warren and Kigmani Burris were arrested by the Fontana Police Department on robbery charges.  (Contributed photo illustration by Fontana Police Department)

Two suspects who are believed to have participated in 13 armed robberies in Southern California, including one in Fontana, were arrested by the Fontana Police Department.

On Nov. 18, an armed robbery occurred at a CVS store on Summit Avenue in Fontana. Officers were unable to locate the suspects or the vehicle that night. The suspects' description and vehicle description matched that of several robberies in the Southern California area.

On Nov. 19, a possible suspect vehicle, a white Dodge Challenger, was located and surveillance was established. The suspect vehicle then traveled to the area of Laguna Hills and stopped at a local business.

The suspects, Kigmani Burris, 45, of Corona and William Warren, 36, of Los Angeles, got of the vehicle. Burris and Warren entered the business and allegedly committed another armed robbery before the officers could intervene, police said.

Fontana P.D. officers began coordinating with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in order to stop and arrest Burris and Warren. Burris and Warren fled in the suspect vehicle when a traffic stop was attempted, but were taken into custody a short time later in San Clemente.

Officers found two firearms, masks, and stolen currency inside the suspect vehicle, police said.

As a result of the series of robberies throughout different counties, the Fontana P.D. coordinated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, San Diego Office. Burris and Warren were then transferred to federal custody and the case will be forwarded to the United States Attorney's Office for prosecution.

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