A collision involving a Burrtec Waste truck and a Chevy Silverado took place in western Fontana on Feb. 7.  The driver of the Burrtec truck later died at a hospital.  (Contributed photo by Mike Myers)

The driver of a Burrtec Waste garbage truck died and the driver of another vehicle suffered injuries due to a traffic collision in the western area of Fontana on Feb. 7.

At about 5:06 p.m., the California Highway Patrol and the San Bernardino County Fire Department responded to the incident at the intersection of Cherry and Whittram avenues.

The Burrtec truck collided into a white Chevy Silverado pickup and then veered to the right and hit a traffic light pole. The collision was caused when one of the parties failed to stop for a red traffic signal, according to the CHP.

Firefighters worked for about 20 minutes to extricate the driver of the garbage truck, while other firefighters worked to contain a natural gas leak coming from the truck that is powered by natural gas.

The Burrtec driver was transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced deceased.

He was later identified as Pedro Pelayo, 34, of Fontana, according to the CHP.

The driver of the Chevy, a 48-year-old man from Fontana, was also transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.

The San Bernardino County Department of Public Works responded to secure the light signal that was damaged and to handle the environmental cleanup of the fuel and oils that were spilled.

The CHP is handling the investigation of the incident.

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Rest In Peace to the Burrtec waste driver, he is my brother and he passed away last night. So for who ever wrote this article, it wasn’t my brothers fault. Eyes witnesses say the pick up truck cut my brother off, and man driving him walked away alive while my brother died on the scene. You will forever live in our hearts Pedro Pelayo ❤️❤️


I was a witness that day Im sorry to tell you your brother in the Burrtec garbage truck ran the red light when he should of stopped, there is a video of it also. The man in the pick up was loaded into the ambulance with seroius injuries. I was one of the persons that helped that day. I'm sorry for your loss.


I am also a witness that day I actually saw it, I’m sooo sorry for your lost honey, but your brother ran the red light .he did not stop. he decided to run the light in red. the light turn red and 4 to 5 seconds he passed. The pick up truck did not cut him off He has the right to turn left, that’s when your brother decided to ran the light instead of stopping at the yellow light. The man in the pick up , he Walked a way with serious injuries broken leg and ribs that man flew through the air and slammed in the ground in front of your brother truck . I can’t imagine what you and your family is going through right now but you can’t blame the man in the pick up, his family is suffering too, they could have lost him also that day. because your brother ran the light , be humble and accept God’s decision.. it was a horrible accident and I’m sending prayer to you and your family and all the family’s involved in the accident ❤️


So sorry for you lost , but both families involved are suffering too , the white truck men family are suffering just thinking about lost him, your brother don’t stop on his red light , there videos show it , I understand your pain , I’m praying for your family and white truck family too , because it so sad for both families , is sad that your brother lost his life , I don’t can imagine your family’s pain for your lost , but the white truck man is injured too , and his family suffering too.

I’m praying for both families involved 🙏


where can i find these videos at?


So sorry for your lost, I don’t can imagine your and your family pain for your brother lost , but the white truck man family are suffering too just thinking about lost him too , your brother ran on his red light videos show it , is sad that your brother lost his life on the scene, but the other white truck man is injured too and his family are suffering too, this accident was so sad , I’m praying for both families 🙏 involved.

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